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Urban & Jewish Education

Urban & Jewish Education
Geographic Boundaries


Number of Grants Awarded to Local Education Programs
418 Grants
Dollar Amount Awarded to Local Education Programs
23.1 Million+

Hillel Elementary, Photo Credit: Mark Avery

Education provides people of all ages tools to succeed in and out of the classroom, which is fundamental to our community’s future. Bader Philanthropies is committed to empowering and sustaining teachers and administrators who shoulder the responsibility for developing the minds and character of our young people.

Our partners are committed to preparing students to succeed; offering enriching educational opportunities for teachers to grow; cultivating the next generation of educators; and preserving cultural heritage, while inspiring continued cultural identity. Our current Urban & Jewish Education strategies include:

  • Student Excellence;
  • Teacher Training and Leadership Development;
  • Jewish Education.

Here are some examples of the metrics we use to measure success in Urban & Jewish Education:

  • Students served;
  • Improvement in grades and/or test scores;
  • Literacy levels.